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The August Agency is an administrative office support service for small and mid-sized businesses, independent professionals, mid-career and emerging artists, and non-profit organizations.

Art Sales

Exhibitions, placement, promotion and representation for emerging and established artists from agents with more than thirty years of experience and countless contacts in the art world.

Bookkeeping & Taxes

Accounts and taxes for small and midsize companies, registered not-for-profits, and self-employed professionals. Much more than just balancing the books, we help keep your vision clear and your goals within reach.


Commissions, sales, services, performance, construction, events, real estate, employment, transactional, and intellectual property. Documented agreements ensure mutual protection and help avoid misunderstandings.

Desktop Publishing

Forms, press releases, newsletters, social media, presentations, promotional, packaging, articles, books and booklets. Whatever you need to convey your message, products, services or mission, we've got you covered with superior design and language.

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Mobile & Flexible

Contact us to set up a free 30-minute consultation;

our downtown offices or we can come to you.

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Art Everywhere

Original works and prints by emerging and established artists for your home and office.

(above - 'Awaiting Summer' by Petra Lea, United Kingdom)

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Industries We Serve

Whether your business is in commerce, arts, structural works, services or causes, we can help you achieve the results you seek.

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Communicate Effectively

Live presentations, print materials, audiovisual, internet media, advertising and technical writing are all at your fingertips.

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